class BoxReference(app_index: int, name: bytes)

Bases: object

Represents a box reference with a foreign app index and the box name.

  • app_index (int) – index of the application in the foreign app array

  • name (bytes) – key for the box in bytes

static translate_box_reference(ref: Union[Tuple[int, Union[bytes, bytearray, str, int]], algosdk.box_reference.BoxReference], foreign_apps: List[int], this_app_id: int) algosdk.box_reference.BoxReference
static translate_box_references(references: List[Tuple[int, Union[bytes, bytearray, str, int]]], foreign_apps: List[int], this_app_id: int) List[algosdk.box_reference.BoxReference]

Translates a list of tuples with app IDs and names into an array of BoxReferences with foreign indices.

  • references (list[(int, bytes)]) – list of tuples specifying app id and key for boxes the app may access

  • foreign_apps (list[int]) – list of other applications in appl call

  • this_app_id (int) – app ID of the box being references

static undictify(d)